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Cacao For The Body, Mind & Soul

Updated: Jun 23, 2020

Hi beautiful people, Alysha here!

Two things I hold dear to my heart:



Cacao is one of the building blocks of South America’s history, with ceremonies and intention-setting beautifully intertwined throughout ancient and recent culture. Now in 2020, cacao is just as beneficial for us as it was for South Americans several millennia ago. It’s more than just a nutritional powerhouse, though – it brings physical and emotional healing.

Before I tell you how cacao can nourish the body and heal a broken heart, though, let me take you back in time and discuss how cacao wove itself into history’s fabric.

Glimpsing into this brief segment of history gives us a taste of the rich significance of cacao. Now, please join me as we glimpse into a brief part of my human experience around the rich significance of cacao in my personal life and healing journey

Whilst interning in Thailand I had the privilege of working closely with an incredible lady who ran Cacao Ceremonies.

Hold on, I know what you’re thinking… not another spiritual post! But hear me out!

Initially I was hesitant (and simultaneously very curious to see what this was all about!). I took a deep breath and dove headfirst into the world of cacao. I sat my first Cacao Ceremony and was blown away by the effects pure cacao paired with intention had. I noticed myself and others establishing deeper connection. In a world where we have lost our ability to truly connect with one another, cacao is a bridge-builder. No wonder we reach for chocolate when we are sad or stressed: it is a way to connect back into ourselves and heal broken hearts. The South American native tribes still hold this practice of intention close to their hearts - for a reason I believe to be more healing than we give it credit for.

To think that for the entirety of my life, I would mindlessly put cacao in my smoothies or eat chocolate without ever knowing why I was craving it in the first place.

This experience changed the way I consumed cacao.

And not just cacao, actually, but all foods that I consume on a daily basis.

What an epiphany. What a beautiful glimpse into the interconnectedness of humanity and the earth. What a lesson in how food was integral in my healing journey.

While our society may have lost the importance of intention, particularly when it comes to our food, we don’t have to go down that path ourselves. I will elaborate upon this in the near future.

In the meantime, stay intentional, beautiful humans. But wait... there's more! A recipe for Peanut Butter Cups This one is super easy and delicious. Creamy chocolate paired with salty peanut butter. To make chocolate

1/2 cup raw cacao powder*

1/3 cup maple syrup

1/2 cup melted cacao butter

1/4 tsp salt

*Add more raw cacao for a darker cup

Combine all in a bowl over a pot of water on the stove, mix slowly letting the cacao butter melt.

Pour the chocolate into a cupcake liner, forming your cup base. While this sets, make your peanut butter filling

To make the peanut butter filling

1/4 cup coconut sugar

Pinch of salt

1/8 cup of coconut oil

Mix all ingredients in a bowl over a pot of water on the stove, mix slowly letting the coconut oil melt and caramelise the sugar.


1 cup Smooth Peanut butter and mix through completely.

Pour more choc on top and let set in the fridge.

Enjoy friends!

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